Bridal Henna
About Bridal Henna

Bridal henna includes both hands - front and back, and both feet. The price of the Bridal henna depends entirely on the design you want. Depending on specific needs, a custom package will be created to best meet your individual needs. To give you some idea of what the price range could look like, I am including a generic price chart here. Please note that these are estimates, and the final price will be calculated once we have decided on a particular design.

The Princess Package
(Just palms/wrist and feet/ankle)
The Queen Package
(Half of forearm and half of lower leg)
The Empress Package
(Upto elbow and just below the knees)
Starts at $850
Starts at $1000
*Modern designs focus more on stylish layouts and incorporate more empty spaces.
*Traditional designs usually are more intricate and have less empty spaces.

We can always create a custom package for anyone wishing to mix and match. (Ex: Traditional Queen package for hands and Modern Princess Pattern for feet)