Here is what some of our valuable clients had to say

Dewanshi has done my makeup for our Christmas party and other events for five years now. She conducts business very professionally. However, she still makes the process fun and exciting. Her work is flawless and I give her creative freedom to try new ideas, which never disappoint. I have enjoyed getting to know her vibrant personality these past few years and will continue to be a client!

- Ruby

Dewanshi's work is absoolutely beautiful. The amount of intrecate designs she includes in her work are breathtaking. No matter what she does, I know it will be exactly how I want it to be. When she does Henna on me, I can't help but think, Wow, this is incredible.

- Prema

Dewanshi's designs are incredible. She does henna so fast, focused and effortlessly, that one automatically feels relaxed once she starts working. If you are a bit indecisive (like I am) when it comes to choosing a design, then that makes Dewanshi an even better option for you. She is able to look at a large selection and ultimately choose the design that she knows will look the best on you (and she is always right!) Dewanshi does henna so beautifully and intricately that one is left in complete awe that a human being could produce such a magnificent piece of art. What separates Dewanshi from her competitors? Besides her flawless henna designs and creations, Dewanshi is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. She gets along with everyone, she always has a smile on her face, and is simply just an amazing person all around. Due to the fact that henna does take a while to get done, it is always in the best interest to be around people who are kind, funny, and easy to talk to. Dewanshi fulfills all these requirements and more. I wouldn't get my henna done by anyone else. If you don't choose Dewanshi to do your henna- you are making a huge mistake.

- Shanti

Dewanshi is the most talented and meticulous beauty artists I have ever come across. Her mehndi (henna) skills easily rival any of the professional mehndi artists I have visited in India. She did bridal mehndi and makeup for my wedding. Mehndi - For hands and arms, I showed her a design I liked, and she delivered! For feet, I didn’t have anything specific in mind. So, we discussed the general style I liked and let her do what she does best, free-style. Looking back, I wish I let her do free-style on my hands/arms as well! It’s incredible to watch her creativity flow through as she free-styles her way to come up with something amazing and unique. Her designs are always clean and crisp. I live in NYC and there is no shortage of Mehndi artists here. Every other block has a salon with a mehndi artist available. After Dewanshi’s work, I would not let most of these other “artists” near me with a mehndi cone. She does not rely on glitter and rhinestones to make her work shine. Her talent and professionalism sparkle on their own. Makeup – Dewanshi usually doesn't book bridal makeup. But I had seen her work before and I twisted her arm to do it. During consultation, we played around with her foundation pallette and she made sure we had a perfect match. I am not a big makeup person and didn't want to look too made up for my wedding. I was going for a more subtle yet glamourous look. So I was concerned about how it would turn out. She listened attentively to my concerns, ideas and suggestions during the consultation and gave me the perfect look I wanted for my wedding day. She took her time and made sure there was depth to the make-up and set it thoroughly so it would not melt off during my summer outdoor wedding. I got so many compliments that day! Dewanshi was an absolute pleasure to work with and I recommend her, and only her, to any friends and family who want a makeup or henna artist for their events. Whether you live in western NY or the tristate area, if you want your mehndi and makeup to be perfection for your special day, book Dewanshi. Trust me, it will be one of the few things that will go perfectly on your special day :)

- Bhawna

Where do I start? This wonderful lady is so talented. Not only did I book her for my own wedding mehndi/henna YEARS in advance because of the meticulous attention she pays to detail, but she is SO TALENTED. She is so creative with the designs she makes on her own and is able to use her imagination to improve upon designs that clients have shown her. She also pays meticulous attention to detail in her work as an amazing makeup artist. She did my makeup during multiple events at my wedding and I have never thought I could feel so beautiful. She is a complete joy to work with, down to earth, and will do anything to make sure you are completely happy with the results.

- Priya